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Live-in Care in Hull & East Yorkshire

Live-in care can be a wonderful alternative to residential care. It allows you to continue enjoying a comfortable and independent life – safe in your own home – whilst benefitting from one-on-one round the clock support.

24/7 Professional Care and Support

Our live-in care service brings a caring companion into your life. They will live in your home with you, providing continuous one-on-care care that’s tailored to you and your individual needs – whether you live alone or with a partner.
A Cost-Effective Alternative to Residential Care
Many people are surprised to discover that constant one-on-one, live-in care delivered in your own home can actually be a more cost-effective option than residential care in terms of the weekly costs. Even more importantly, choosing live-in care enables you to retain ownership of your property. This is very different to residential care where, upon moving out, your own home becomes considered a financial asset – one which, sadly, the government can insist you sell to pay for your care.


All our live-in care packages are completely bespoke to you or your loved one.

There are different pricing structures depending on the level of care required:

  1. You or your loved one may simply want company from a trusted person to help combat loneliness and to provide assistance with some daily tasks
  2. You may have challenging requirements like peg feeding or stoma
  3. You may have more extensive requirements needing regular day and night care

Whatever the circumstance, we can help.


Individual – prices starting from £1400 per week

Couples – prices starting from £1600 per week

Benefits of Live- In Care

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