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Specialist Care in Hull & Beverley

Our specially trained carers are ready to assist with care for a variety of conditions – giving you and your loved ones peace of mind, whilst enabling you to stay safe and happy in your own home.

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We support those living with a variety of life-altering conditions, such as dementia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or the after-effects of a stroke.


We also offer palliative and end of life care and support, as well as a respite care service to relieve those who usually provide care for a loved one themselves.


To deliver our specialist care services effectively across Hull and the East Riding, we work closely with local GPs, District Nurse teams, hospices and other health professionals.


We take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and undertake any additional training required (for example, on the use of any specialist equipment), thereby ensuring you or your loved one always receive the very highest standards of care.

Our Specialist Care Services Include:

Complex care is the type of care required by those who are affected by complex conditions, or who rely on specialist equipment. 


For example, our carers can work together with your existing health professionals and District Nurses to support you with:

  • Controlled medication
  • Stoma care
  • Colostomy, nephrostomy and catheter bags
  • PEG and RIG feeding tubes
  • Specialist hoisting equipment
Our aim is to support you in living a happy and healthy life in your own home, whilst taking into account the specific requirements of your condition.


A dementia diagnosis can be an isolating and frightening experience. However, at Sirius we passionately believe that it is absolutely possible to live well with dementia – given the right care, compassion and support. 



Our carers are specially trained in dementia care, and we’re proud to help enable our clients to continue to live happily at home, surrounded by their own comforts and following their usual routines – something that is proven to be beneficial for dementia sufferers.


We’re family, when family can’t be there – we can help support your loved one to stay safe, healthy and active and to continue to enjoy the little things in life. We will call you with regular updates, and our online care management system means you can also keep up to date in real time with their care visits*, so you have that extra bit of peace of mind. 


* Only with prior written consent of the client if they still have capacity. 

This condition affects each individual in many different ways, but with the right support, sufferers can still live independently and in their own home. 


We’re passionate about enabling those with cerebral palsy to continue to live a full and happy life. 


We do this by working closely with their health professionals, ensuring we provide the highest quality care that is right for each individual, and by helping them to live their lives as they choose.

Living with Parkinson’s disease can be physically, socially and emotionally demanding. 



Whether you are adapting to the news of a recent diagnosis or managing the more advanced stages of this progressive disease, our carers can work with your healthcare professionals to provide you with the practical and emotional support you need. 



We work hard to empower you to stay in control of your own routine, and encourage you to lead as active a life as possible.

Our care services help those suffering from MS to live fuller, more rewarding lives – providing support when it is needed and critically, enabling you to exercise choice. 


The symptoms of MS vary significantly from person to person, but the right care – together with the right medical treatment from health professionals – can help you manage the condition and its symptoms. 


We’ll work with you and your loved ones to build a care package designed specifically around you and your individual needs.

Recovery from a stroke can be a slow and steady process. 


Being able to remain in your own home and amongst your family during that time – whilst still getting the professional care and support you need – is priceless. In fact, it has actually been shown to positively affect overall recovery times when compared to residential care. 


We’ll work together with your health professionals to support you and your loved ones every step of the way.

If you require palliative care, our carers can work together with your healthcare and medical professionals to make you as comfortable as possible – helping to manage your pain and other distressing symptoms, as well as being on hand to provide emotional support. 



We can provide round-the-clock companionship, personal care, monitoring and help with medication. 


Palliative care is a very special kind of care, and our palliative carers are a very special kind of people.

When we are asked to support clients at the end of their life, we recognise what a huge privilege and responsibility that is. 


We can provide round-the-clock companionship, personal care, monitoring and help with medication. 


Our end of life care is delivered sensitively and with dignity, working closely with hospices, GPs and other healthcare professionals to help control pain and keep your loved one as comfortable as possible as they approach the end of their life.

Caring for someone you love is an amazingly rewarding experience, but everyone needs and deserves some time for themselves. 


If you normally care for your loved one yourself, we can step in when you need some ‘you’ time or a well-earned holiday. We can also lend an extra hand and support you when things get tough or overwhelming. 


This could be for just an hour or two a week to give you a regular break, or even a few weeks of 24/7 round the clock care to cover whilst you enjoy a nice relaxing holiday. 


We always focus our approach on working within our clients’ usual routines, in order to ensure the change in circumstances is as stress-free for them (and consequently their regular carer) as possible.

Specialist care, tailored to you

Staying Safe

The safest place for anyone right now is at home. All our carers undergo extensive training on COVID-19 and infection prevention and control. When visiting your home, they’ll come fully equipped with the appropriate PPE.

You’re in safe hands. 

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